The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is an organisation that came into existence on the 22nd day of November 1965. This was when it was realised that two of the most hardworking organisations were rather performing the same functions. These two organisations were the Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance and the United Nations Special Fund. Merging these two organisations gave rise to the United Nations Development Programme. The UNDP has since its formation grown from strength to strength and has been recognised as one of the most vibrant organisations that has been striving for a better way of living for each and every individual. This and other notable deeds have always been what keep the United Nations Development Programme going for such a long time without any sign of relenting.

About the United Nations Development Programme

As earlier stated, the United Nations Development Programme which is an organ of the United Nations was formed in 1965 on the 22nd day of November by bringing two broad and vibrant organisations together under one very broad umbrella organisation. Since that time the United Nations Development Programme with its headquarters in New York City, has done so many commendable things in various communities within different countries. This means that the United Nations Development Programme in other words is a cross-border organisation having no restrictions as to which place should be helped or not. The UNDP renders its services to all and sundry in need of such services. This is shown in the UNDP operating within a hundred and seventy seven (177) countries.

The UNDP is an arm of the United Nations General Assembly that functions as an executive body ensuring that people are given a better chance at life especially those in the less developed countries. This is done by the giving grants and other necessary support to such less developed countries in a bid to bring these countries up to a level that ensures that its citizens live a better life without any undue advantage being taken over the country or the people within it by anybody.

The UNDP has been the main body behind the campaign for most of the humanitarian acts that can be seen in a lot of countries like getting people in various communities to come into contact with the necessary knowledge and resources needed to bring about a positive change. This is a very noble thing done by the UNDP which seeks to help people live a better life than they were living before. The UNDP is mainly financed by contributions of their member countries that are done without any obligation.

The UNDP also has several publications that reviews how successful or otherwise that they have been in the fight against various developmental challenges faced by member countries. Some of these publications are made from the regional level through to the international level. Others like the Human Development Report is also published once every year to take stock of all that were achieved in the previous year bringing all the activities of the organisation into perspective. This has been something the UNDP has been doing for as long as fifteen (15) years now as it started with such yearly publications in the 1990s.

The United Nations Development Programme since its inception has achieved so much in terms of human and community empowerment and some of these achievements include;

Setting up offices in all the 177 member countries in order to work hand-in-hand with the various governmental institutions in those countries towards the challenges on development and capacity building effectively and efficiently

Helping reduce the poverty status of various under-developed countries through local capacity building in the various poverty stricken communities located within such identified countries

Helping member countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) as seen in countries that are constantly faced with various degrees of developmental challenges as they bid to achieve their laid down goals relating to development

Currently, the UNDP has shown its will to help change the woeful living conditions of people in communities stricken by very disastrous diseases like the Ebola virus pandemic in countries like Liberia, guinea, Nigeria and others. Through the hard work of the UNDP and other organizsations, the Ebola virus pandemic has been brought under control

Helping resolve conflicts in war-torn communities through its democratic governance policy

Helping in providing much needed goods and services to communities faced with various levels of natural disasters

These are but just a few of the uncountable achievements of the United Nations Development Programme as it seeks to help build a global society where the rule of law and other basic necessities of life are fully provided for all humans.