Medical Negligence Reduction United Nations Development Programme

The United Nations Development Programme is one of the most important functions of the United Nations with its Administrator being third most highly ranked official within the whole of the United Nations hierarchy. The organisation has offices within 177 countries and can be seen as integrated with local governments to improve operations and meet targets and challenges to improve specific areas that need developing in the varies countries. The United Nations Development Programme is the main part of the United Nations development network which works on a global basis. The organisations has a multiply aims with the eradication of poverty and the total promotion of equality. It also focuses largely on assisting those countries especially those developing and under-developing countries in developing and sustaining policies so that they can effectively implement strategies using the countries capabilities to develop accordingly to meet targets and standards set.

Medical Negligence UNFundamental to the United Nations Development Programme is to ensure those that are suffering in ways have better lives through helping to maintain environmental sustainability, that countries are governed fairly and just, to promote security and help those that feel unsafe feel secure within their environment, effectively combat and prevent HIV/AIDS and implement developments in all possible areas. These areas mentioned make up the main part of the United Nations Development Programmes Millennium Developmental Goals (MDG’s). Within such goals is the core idea to develop and improves medical care which is not to the standard in which it should or could be and to bring those developing countries in to the era of the developed countries regarding medical care.

Health Developmental Goals; Improvement in Health Services and the Reduction in Medical Negligence

As part of the Millennium Developmental Goals there is huge emphasis on people’s health care and drastically improving and developing areas of health services people receive in developing countries. If a country has healthy people then it can function and achieve more so than if some people of another country are not as healthy as they could be, as the people are the wealth of any country and if are fit and able can keep that country alive. If a country looks after its core function then those people will strive to ensure that that country thrives. The United Nations along with its development programme have clearly realised that a healthy country performs at a much higher standard and therefore continues to promote not only the development of good health in developing counties but also greatly involve themselves within such countries health structure in order to improve the health services of developing countries.

Many see Medical Negligence as a person being harmed or injured through the fault of a medical physician through the treatment or medication received or in some cases lack of and although such a statement is valid medical negligence or medical mal practice can take on varies forms i.e. medical equipment used for important testing can go unused either because hospitals and medical centre within developing countries do not have the expertise and knowledge in how to use them or the power supply is not efficient enough to allow the equipment to work effectively therefore some consider this as negligence as people suffer due to the incapability’s of the health care service. With the help of programmes such as this organisation offers such negligence can be eradicated as peoples knowledge is improved.

United Nation Development Programme Plao

The United Nations Development Programme in Plao works to bring about a better way of life for those that live within the country. Within the last year many new frame works have been put in place to open up new channels and avenues to improve and develop in areas such as the economy, Human Rights, Justice and laws, education, food and nutrient but to name a few all which have been overseen by the United Nation Development Programme. One of the Millennium Goals set out by the UNDP is to eradicate poverty which involves the right to live a healthy life and receive adequate medical care. With the UNDP promoting such importance on health and their efforts to eradicate poor health service which subsequently reduces medical error and medical negligence which can so easily occur if standards are not continually met and maintained the level of service within Lao has improved impressively.

Medical Negligence PreventionWithout such organisations as the United Nations and programmes they provide such as the United Nations Development Programme developed countries may not have had the opportunity to thrive as they are doing, it is fair to say that with some individual countries there is still a long way to go and much more effort is needed but for others the results are clear and improvements dually noted.