News – the United Nations Development Programme

The United Nations Development Programme which is an organ found within the United Nations has been the main force behind all the most intense campaigns geared towards the attainment of an environment that is safe, secured and sustainable to allow for developmental projects to be carried out without any hindrances. The UNDP has been most vocal in almost all member countries up to date and continues to be the one organisation that has endeared itself to the entire global population as striving for whatever good cause that can be used to ensure that the world and its environment is made a better place today without risking the survival of latter generations. The activities of the United Nations Development Programme has made sure that it is always being mentioned in almost all news articles that has to do with development and sustainability of the environment.

Activities like training of community police personnel to help clamp down the spread of the Ebola virus disease in Guinea is one notable act that ensured that a lot of lives were protected from the Ebola Virus Disease which has swept through some West African countries like a raging forest fire during the dry season. The United Nations Development Programme helped in training more than 100 community-based police personnel who were then equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in order to be able to keep people from risking their lives by making bodily contacts with infected relatives and also helping to report any suspected Ebola case to the right authorities for proper quarantine and medical action to be taken. These trained community police have helped to bring the number of infected cases significantly down.

The Social Good Summit

The Social Good Summit is a convening of leaders of each and every country and other developmental organisations who all come together to deliberate on global issues and how to effectively deal with all identified global problems. This convening of world leaders otherwise called the Social Good Summit has been taking place at the United Nations General Assembly every September and this has been going on for five years now.

It has been realised that the fight against most global problems can be best won if all hands are called on board and this has seen the Social Good Summit being organised and live-streamed using state-of-the-art technologies in a lot of different languages so as to ensure that the message that is being sent will be well understood by all people.

Empowering each and everyone in the world to be able to contribute their ideas and knowledge before, during and after the United Nations Week is what the Social Good Summit seeks to achieve.

Humanitarian Effort in Malawi’s Flood Region

The United Nations Development Programme have also intensified their efforts in trying to bring much needed support like food, shelter, medicine and other essential things to the most of the regions in Malawi which have been affected by severe rainstorms. The rains have led to the death of about 62 people whilst around 153 others are also feared dead as they have still not been found. In the Southern districts of Chikwawa, Phalombe and Nsanje, there has been massive destruction of roads and bridges with about around 638,000 people being rendered homeless. By declaring a State of Disaster on the 13th of January in all the affected districts, the United Nations Development Programme saw it as a desperate call for help and therefore responded swiftly by sending the much needed aid to all the 13 affected districts out of a total of 28 districts in Malawi. The United Nations helped in evacuating people to safer places, and also providing the much needed technical know-how to the staff of the Malawi Disaster Management Team. This ensured that proper ways were adopted in providing both physical and emotional support to all the affected people.

The United Nations Development Programme has been working closely with other agencies like the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to continue the provision of humanitarian needs to all the victims of the torrential rains that has destroyed a lot of lives, properties and infrastructures.